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School Admin Quick Setup Instructions

The following quick steps will help you set up your Webspiration Classroom school accounts, including student, faculty and other admin accounts. For more comprehensive help with Webspiration Classroom's admin utilities, please see the Admin Guide and browse by topic.

STEP 1: Fill out your My Account page

Upon first log in, all admins will be prompted to fill out their My Account page. Please complete the required fields in this page and press Submit to proceed to the School Profile page.

STEP 2: Go to the first tab titled "School Profile"

  1. School Settings
    Verify that the school information is correct. Be sure to set the Time Zone for your location.
  2. Create an Org ID
    Every school using Webspiration Classroom has a unique Org ID. It is important to select an Org ID that is easy for your students and faculty/educators to remember. Org IDs can be up to 12 characters long, and may include letters and numbers only.
  3. Domain for Google Apps
    If you use Google Apps for Education, enter your domain name here (optional).
  4. Student Password Setting
    You are responsible for assigning a password for each student. This can be done by manually entering the information or by importing a CSV file. May students change their passwords?
    Option 1: Yes = Students may change their own passwords at any time
    Note: Assign an initial password to all students that is easy to remember. Students will be asked to change this password on the first log in and to choose a secret question and answer it for use in the event they forget their password. Students will be allowed to change their passwords at any time on the My Account screen.
    Option 2: No = Student passwords may be changed only by an Administrator.

    Note: Faculty/Educator accounts and admin accounts will always be able to change their passwords.

  5. Student Collaboration Settings
    Choose one of the following options:
    Option 1: Open - Student collaboration is allowed with all Webspiration account holders Note: the student will need to know either the username or the email address of the account holder.
    Option 2: Limited - Student collaboration is limited to Webspiration Classroom account holders in this school

    Check or uncheck Allow Chat. Webspiration Classroom has an integrated chat feature. It can be used when working on a shared document. If you would like to disable this feature for student accounts, make sure the box is unchecked.

    Note: Faculty/Educators will be able to collaborate and chat with Webspiration account holders inside and outside of the school.

  6. Allocated Accounts
    Review the number of accounts which are allocated, used and available at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 3: Create student, facualty/staff, and admin accounts

On the Create Accounts page you can create students accounts, faculty accounts and additional admin accounts. 

For both student and faculty accounts, you may choose either to manually create accounts one by one, or import a list of accounts. If you are only setting up a few accounts at one time, manually setting up accounts one by one is simpler.

  1. Create Student Account or Create Faculty/Staff Account: Enter the information manually into these forms to create a new Student Account or a new Faculty Account.
  1. Import Student Accounts or Import Faculty/Staff Accounts: To import data, you will need to create and import a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Student accounts and faculty accounts should be prepared and uploaded separately. See Importing New Account Information in the Admin Guide for more information and to download an Excel template for importing Student Accounts and Faculty/Staff Accounts .csv files.

    Should you want to create additional admin accounts with the same administrative abilities as your account, you must add each additional admin one by one. 

  2. Create Additional Admin Account: Enter the information manually into the form to create and additional admin account with identical administrative privilages as yours.

To notify faculty/staff, students or admins about their new Webspiration Classroom accounts

Use the Login Info Report which can be found under the View Reports Tab. This report contains the group ID, username, sign in address and a password information field where you can enter explanatory text about what password to use (e.g., "Use your student ID as your password" or "Your teacher will give you your password"). This explanatory text will appear on all of the reports that you print at one time